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Since many of our assignments are managed under strict confidentiality you may not find all our current openings posted. Therefor, if you looking for a career move and do not find a suitable opening listed below, send us a spontaneous application

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Our client is a multinational company with more than 1500 employees, having multiple production sites across Romania and an extended commercial department, with office in Bucharest.

The Group, world leader in Building materials production, is present in 68 countries with 171 000 employees and designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions which are key ingredients in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all.


To complete the HR team which went through a major transformation program, we look for a Senior HR Reporting and Compensation & Benefits Analyst to join their HQ HR team, reporting directly to HR Director and working closely with regional HQ in Prague and group projects on different topics (Hay grading at Group level, salary surveys, salary benchmarking or Reporting to regional HQ).

The new hire will act as a main point-of-contact for all HR reporting requests from internal and external customers and will have the mission to build up a HR Dashboard and transform reporting process in an almost fully automated one


  •     Ensure HR planning, budgeting, and forecasting, labor costs reporting; to consolidate periodically all employee details and provide relevant reports to other HR or financial departments, including at the Group level


The successful candidate will have the following knowledge, experience, skills, and attributes:

  • 5 – 7 years working experience in data analysis and reporting in HR with proven contribution to HR dashboard building (proven experience in working with big data and multiple types of reports)
  • Proven exposure to Comp & Ben processes in large organizations
  • Excellent MS Office knowledge with proficient Excel skills (macros, complex functions) and ideally VBA
  • English language fluency is also mandatory because of the Group exposure
  • Advanced knowledge of MS office – Excel proficiency, Word, Power Point, fluency in English and previous experience with SAP are mandatory.
  • Significant knowledge of HR systems and databases
  • Ability to help generate relevant metrics to further business and HR strategic initiatives and priorities



Our Selection Process

P&P selection process in 9 essential steps

To be part of a selection process, the first step and most important one is to send your application. Your application can be either an uploaded CV or a well-structured LinkedIn profile. For more details on how to build a relevant Linkedin profile check our 10 pro tips for a winning profile. A formal agreement for the privacy policy is obligatory. Without a formal agreement from your side, unfortunately your application cannot be processed.

In maximum 2 weeks from sending us your application you will receive a feedback and, ideally an invitation to meet one of our consultants in case your experiences match one of our actual projects. Note that, no matter if we have ongoing projects who matches your profile or not, each application receives attention and a feedback afterwards.

After revising the CV’s, a short preselection phone interview will take place with a duration of max. 10 minutes. The purpose of this first discussion is to see how interesting the job is for the candidate and how relevant the experience is to this position. In this preselection phase we check minimal fit per role’s requirements, few details about company, position, requirements, and budget. If things go well, the applicant will be called for a selection interview.

Read more here what to do or not to do on a phone interview.

The selection interview is an interview with a Consultant within our company. Your CV hit the spot with us, and you have been invited along to meet one of our senior recruiters. It is great news, but there is no doubt it can be a bit nerve-wracking.  It is totally normal to feel butterflies beforehand, not knowing what to expect or how to behave when meeting a recruiter. (Please check our article on how to manage the relationship with a headhunter).

This is a stressful face of the recruitment process that it is easier to handle when you know what to expect. How? By describing you shortly the unexpectable: this phase is a discussion between the candidate and the recruiter, to know each other better:

  • The purpose of this interview is to find out more about who the candidate is and how he/she fits into the role and the hiring organization.
  • In the first 5 minutes, there are welcoming words and a brief introduction.
  • The candidate has around 10 minutes to have a walkthrough of the educational and professional background, enfacing on the periods which are more relevant for the applied position.
  • After walking through your resume, the dialog will start naturally and questions from the recruiter side will come. Most people go into their interview and make general statements and talk in very general terms. To set yourself apart, you want to prepare specific examples and talk about DETAILS. Facts, numbers, and real accomplishments.
  • Expect and do not get scared to receive technical questions and motivation for change questions.
  • If everything goes well and the discussion went took to desired direction, the recruiter will discuss more in detail the position and the company where the candidate can ask questions. For this phase you will have to consider allocating around 1h of discussion.

If you passed the 4 stage of the selection process, you are now at the stage where additional information is needed to support evaluation process & building up detailed report for potential employer company. The additional information may include: psychometric evaluation test, technical test, references and a candidate form where you describe your major accomplishments, information not mentioned in you CV – Check our guide on how to create your personal brand.

You are one of the most suitable candidate for the opening , who received the opportunity to meet with the hiring company. The interviewing process at this stage is with the internal team of our client, the hiring company. Depending on the role, the internal team interviewing may consist of: HR Representative, Hiring Manager, Executive team. This step could be split in 2, 3 and sometimes even more rounds. Please take into consideration that no matter in which stage you have got you have to treat each new interview as a first one. Please check our Executive Candidate Guide for tips.

The Company evaluates the proposed candidates after meeting with them and takes a decision. The selected candidate will be invited for offer presentation and discussing the engagement details. Those who were not selected will receive a feedback from P&P Consultant.

Consider that sometimes it might take longer to reach an internal decision but usually in about 2 weeks from last interview we get a resolution. Remember, even if you do not receive an offer it does not mean that you are not a good candidate, especially if you reached this stage. It means that another candidate matched closer the expectations of the hiring team.

We consider it very important to keep a close relationship with our client, the hiring company, and our selected candidate. We believe in partnership and trustful relations. On that note, we have follow-up calls periodically, as well as with the client and with the selected candidate, to monitor the evolution of the relationship, where we as a Consulting HR company created the foundation.

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